Neurona Marketing was founded in 2012. The Neurona Marketing name arises when we searched for a name that shows our mission which is to connect and / or create business connections, services or products in the minds of our customers' consumers. In the beginning, Neurona Marketing only offered services for the sale of web pages, but with time we added more. Regardless of all the obstacles that were presented as it happens to every new company, each of them could be overcome. Until we achieve what we are today, one of the best Marketing Agencies on the Island.

In Neurona Marketing our main goal in the long term is that as a digital agency we can instantly reach the minds of entrepreneurs at the moment they start thinking about advertising for their business. That is why our employees are distinguished by their commitment to the agency and to each of the clients.

In summary, we start with one goal in mind: to create a different type of digital agency, one that creates a different type of advertising. We're nothing like the traditional digital agencies you've seen before. Our style and process is more creative, direct and consumer oriented. We enjoy helping brands and companies, large and small, to discover what makes them unique, to find their strengths and weaknesses. We want to create memorable strategies that differentiate them from the rest and provide the most favorable results.
We are Neurona Marketing!


Two colleagues began to connect their ideas, extensive expertise, and Neuronas to develop a concept that would become the foundation for the company they would soon create.


The business duo set their plan in motion and officially establish Neurona Marketing with one idea in mind, to change the marketing industry in Puerto Rico.


Neurona opens the doors to their first office fit to hold their now growing team.


Neurona continues to expand and moves their headquarters to the heart of the “Milla de Oro’ in Hato Rey while opening a new office in Orlando, FL.

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Our clients become part of our family...