Creative Process for a Digital Campaign

All of our customers have the same need, to promote their businesses or products in a creative way. Our job is to give color and direction to their’s digital campaigns so that they can exceed their goals every month. That is why for our team it is very important to have an ideal creative process for each digital campaign.

In our office, at the beginning and at the end of each month, we meet to talk about each account and establish the tasks that must be fulfilled each month. After our meeting, we work on the design concepts for each of our clients. 

My first step in the creative process to design a digital campaign is to look for inspiration. I usually see what is “trending” on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. I watch everything; videos about other cultures, designs and concepts from other industries that could help me find that inspiration. After filling up my neurons with inspiration, I start playing with colors, words, images and typographies. When the concept is complete, we present the creative concept to the client and ask for their approval. Once the concept is approved, we activate the campaigns with constant monitoring.

Last year, we worked on the creation of the “Benítez Total Care” campaign for our client Benítez Chrysler of Humacao. With this campaign, we received Best Service Campaign Award from the FCA. This was a great achievement for our agency as we managed to overcome the challenge of conceptualizing a service that would make the dealership’s customers return after buying a car.

Every day we seek to expand our creativity. We take very seriously keeping our neurons activated at all times so that when it’s time to create, we can make the best digital campaign for our clients.

By Cristina Oquendo,

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