Benitez Chrysler is a certified Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram dealership located in the town of Humacao. It is a dealer that works with new and used cars and provide service to different car brands. The main goal of their president was to create a distinctive and interactive advertising strategy in order to increase sales and recognition.

Being a renowned brand, our creative team created different strategies for their advertising, creating what is today “Benitez 360 °”, the Benitez Chrysler vlog. Through the weekly vlog we instruct their target audience with information about each vehicle with a influencer host giving the information in a interactive and high energy pitch. Also, we made videos about real stories of people who have bought at the dealership by surprising them with the car or making a special delivery.

We focus on giving an identity to the name of Benitez Chrysler with the blue color that represents the sea, given that they are in a coastal area. At the same time, we created a slogan: “Sales mejor en Benitez Chrysler Humacao” to make the spectator remember the name and the place where they are located.

During the last months, Benítez Chrysler, is one of the dealership at island level with more growth in sales and profit.

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