Graphic Design Trends of 2019

The world of graphic design is in constant change. Designs that were in style in 2018 might be completely different from the ones this year. 2019’s trends in graphic design are very influenced by the 80’s and the future. Interesting right? In this blog I will show 3 types of designs that have been trending this year that we also use daily in our agency.

Realism + Flat Design:

It’s true what they say, opposites attract, and specially in design. The Realism + Flat Design is the perfect combination of flat and real-life objects. The real-life object is often placed above a solid color, could be a very lively or a pastel color. It gives you a futuristic feeling since the real-life objects seem to be in 3D.


Alternative Art: 

This trend is very common nowadays. You might be able to spot it in your grocery store or at the movie poster in the cinema. It contains different shapes, stains, spots and even doodles in varios colors imaginable. The way the objects are arranged gives life to any empty spot in the design.


Color Minimalism:

Less is more, and this is the proof. Color minimalism is very common in design in 2019. This design contains a lot of usual characteristics. The usage of white space is very common and there has to be plenty of it to not make the design look messy. All the art needs is the pop of color to stand out the message of the art.


There are many other graphic design trends in 2019 that stand out in the industry. They are all inspired either by the 80’s, 90’s and the future. Some of them involve 3D designs, have a lot of typography and even metallic elements. Will this types of designs still be trending in 2020? We’ll see.