Graphic Designs Trends of 2020

In the year 2020 graphic design trends have been very unique in their own ways. Many of these trends are relatively simple and colorful that could be very beneficial for your social media campaign. Here we will talk about 4 of our favorites and ones that we’ve used with our clients.

Shiny Metals:

In 2020 using metallic materials in design has become a very trendy, mostly in packaging. To make the shine stand out, it will require minimalistic design. Most designers have engraving on physical materials, such as business cards or clothing tags. Using shiny metals in your designs gives it luxury and good taste.Line Art:

Illustrations have been very trendy in 2020, specially very simple ones. Line art is one of the most common, it is a branch of minimalistic design and the simple illustrations gives it a lot of creativity. This design is clean and very elegant.

Simplified Illustrations:

Illustrations in graphic design has been used for quite some time but simplified illustrations is a top choice in 2020. The lack of extreme detail gives focus to the actual message that the designer wants to show.Typography Craze:

Graphic Designers have been using a lot of typography to give their design a modern look. This trend has been very common in 2020, we have been using it a lot our content. We see this style of design in logos, posters, web designs and even on package designs.

The trends in graphic design this year are diverse and impressive. We’ve seen many designs with creative typographies and cool color combinations. We can’t wait to see what graphic design trends will 2021 will bring us. Let us know which are your favorites!