The effect of COVID-19 on E-Commerce

With more than three thousand nine hundred million people quarantined around the world, equivalent to half the planet, the e-commerce boom has been unequivocally strengthened.

The coronavirus came at a time in which the world was increasingly migrating towards digital. Moreover, the day we had to stay home marked a point of reflection on consumer behaviors. At first there was caution, but soon electronic purchases began to increase, especially in food, pharmacy, cleaning products, entertainment, among others.

According to BNAmericas, the sale of computers rose 112% in the first two weeks of March and health, 124%. In Argentina, the number of people who debuted in online shopping increased exponentially (90% of them are adults), especially when it came to warehouse and pharmacy products.

There is no doubt that online consumption in times of Coronavirus is vital to keep the global economy going as it is to preserve the right to choose something in the comfort of our home.

Right now, the e-commerce boom is the expected response to the physical restrictions that weigh on everyone, but it may also contain the definitive triumph of the data economy, less retail and more online catalog, less shopping and more delivery.

A note signed by Mark Beech for Forbes reveals that, according to the first statistics, internet hits have increased between 50 and 70% since the World Health Organization declared the pandemic.
When will we return to normal? Although there are many things that we cannot yet anticipate, there is no doubt that e-commerce will emerge stronger from this crisis: people will change their consumption habits and companies will value the loyalty and tastes of their customers. Instead of doing futurology, let’s stay in the revolution of the present. Covid-19 will push businesses to adopt innovative strategies that enable them to deliver value to the consumer digitally.


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