Video Marketing for 2019

It is expected for this year 2019 that more than 80% of digital advertising will be transmitted through videos. Videos have a lasting and unique impact on viewers. You can transmit any information you want your audience to know through an interactive video. Basically, videos play an important role for your business strategy for this year.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Over 500 million hours worth of videos are watched on a daily basis on Youtube alone and 90% of users say that videos are very handy when it comes to decision making.
  • Using videos as a advertising strategy will lead you to a highest engagement rate.
  • This intuitive strategy helps brands reach prospects in a more direct and impactful manner that creates a distinctive level of connection between the viewer and the brand/business.
  • Sharing a story through video strongly appeals to the viewers senses and overcomes the barriers of text.

Videos convey a powerful message in a way that words simply cannot. In addition to causing strong emotions in viewers, videos allow you to interact with them and increase your conversions. There’s no doubt about it, during 2019 videos will be the most effective method for the viewer to become your ideal client.