What is a Lead?

Many have heard the word “lead” but few know its meaning. This word can arise in different fields and industries but it is always linked with the same meaning. That is why we can define a “lead” as those customers or potential clients who have voluntarily given us their contact information or have been in contact with our company thanks to promotions they have seen. We can say in some cases that a “lead” is the first step to a sale.

Do you know how important a lead is?
When the person voluntarily gives us information or communicates with us we have the opportunity to follow up, either helping to solve a problem that he has or sending promotions of our products and services through the contact information that he has already given us. It is proven that of every 10 leads, 1 to 2 are a sales/secure clients.


How do you get a lead?
There are a number of ways to get leads for your company. We will show you the 3 that we consider most effective when positioning a product or service through social networks and the internet.


Publish content constantly- When your potential client visits your website or social platforms and sees that there is no content published more than two weeks ago, it is possible that the client thinks your business is not active and stops following it or does not follow it if is was his first visit. It is extremely important to keep our sites active, whether with a minimum of one weekly publication. And it is much more important to keep the comments and messages answered. Since the best way to maintain the image of your business for potential new customers is your old customers.


Create forms and / or surveys – Create forms and accounts in which you promote the participation of people. It helps you acquire “leads” and also to promote your product or service. Remember that clients prefer light readings and questionnaires with quick answers that take as little time as possible.


Use a “call to action” – The “call to action” is a phrase, question or button with which we subtly invite users to take a specific action. This is a tool that costs nothing and can be extremely useful when generating and closing sales of leads.


Now you know a little more about leads and on how these tips can help you grow your business. At Neurona Marketing we work hard every day to convert your likes into leads. Doubts? Contact us!